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CFTP Presents: Sister Street Fighter

Added by 4 weeks ago

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When whats-her-name's brother, the one that everybody likes, disappears, she goes on a one woman quest to get him back from the drug lords that kidnapped him. But the drug lords, anticipating a plucky young adventures...

CFTP Presents: She Gods of Shark Reef

Added by 2 months ago

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Mike, Russ, and the crew tackle a Roger Corman "classic" this time, as two brothers on the run from the law crash land on an island full of women and then proceed to do nothing. That's pretty much the entire movie. Se...

CFTP Presents: The Yesterday Machine

Added by 3 months ago

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So stop me if you've heard this one... a Nazi scientist walks into a bar... repeatedly... and it does enough damage to his brain that he tries to make a time machine to change the outcome of the war. Which war, yo...

CFTP Presents: Black Cobra

Added by 4 months ago

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Cinematic For The People presents "Black Cobra"! As TV's very own Russ says, it's like Stallone's "Cobra", except it stars Fred Williamson and isn't nearly as good! Simple enough, right? C'mon, you know you want to...

CFTP Presents: Star Odyssey

Added by 5 months ago

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A fresh-faced young alien warlord buys planet Earth at a discount, only to discover the reason it was so cheap is that it's infested - with humans. To stop their entire race from being sold into slavery, the pesky hum...

CFTP Presents: The Revenge of Doctor X

Added by 5 months ago

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A guy named Doctor X has some revenge. Or not. Ok, so the title is a complete lie. There is no Doctor X, and he doesn't really have revenge on anyone, unless you happen to like dogs, small animals, and children,...


New Movies Coming!

Added by 5 months ago

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Tonight +Cinematic For The People makes history with what I think is going to be the largest "riff jam" we've ever done in one shot, combining the forces of our usual team of +Mike Dellheim +Russell Hannula +Mark S. +...

Video Editor Roundup

Added by 6 months ago

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So... um... I spent my sick days playing around with several different video editors, only to come to the ultimate conclusion that my current editing program is probably where I "need" to be at right now, even if it i...

CFTP On the Road: Pandoracon 2013!

Added by 10 months ago

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We're back on the road....ish....some of us at the very least will be traveling. For the rest, it will be a homecoming of sorts, as we will be in Cincinnati for Pandoracon October 11-13, 2013, where fun steampunk adv...

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CFTP Riffs: My Little Pony G1 – Escape from Katrina

Added by 1 year ago

1.40K Views1 Comments

Oh god. It burns. Why do I taste pennies? Link for the People of the Feed.

CFTP Presents: Buck Rogers in Planet Outlaws

Added by 5 months ago

1.13K Views0 Comments

In the 1930s, Universal released Buck Rogers as a 12-part serial in theaters. In the 1950s, their attempts to make new and interesting programming quashed by the destruction of most rocket cars and jetpacks in The ...

Needing a Little Boost

Added by 1 year ago

1.04K Views1 Comments

Dear Viewers, I know I haven't really been involved with CFTP long, but I've been watching Jim, Mike, Russ, Mark, Jenny, etc. work on this project for over a year now. They do put their all into the work, more than...

CFTP Presents – Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

Added by 6 months ago

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This week, Team CFTP ponder the ancient Zen Koan, "When is a Godzilla ripoff not a Godzilla ripoff?" whilst watching "Monster from a Prehistoric Planet". When eager scientists swipe an egg from a Pacific island, the b...

CFTP Presents: The Clutching Hand – Part 4

Added by 1 year ago

951 Views0 Comments

Cinematic For The People delves into the wonderful world of old time movie serials with The Clutching Hand, a drama about a disembodied hand that roams from town to town, strangling the life out of innocents... Just k...

CFTP Presents: The Monolith Monsters

Added by 6 months ago

901 Views0 Comments

In a remote desert region, a space rock falls to earth. It is no ordinary rock... for if you feed it after midnight, it turns into a terrible Monolith Monster! Wait, that's not right... Eh, well, it's something ...