Bad Movie of the Week – Captain Z-Ro

A little late because I was at Penguicon this week, but it’s another installment of Dr. Hal Sirveaux’s Public Domain *BAD MOVIE OF THE WEEK*,wherein I, Dr. Hal Sirveaux, will share with you a bad movie that exists in public domain and that we at the CFTP Research Institute are considering for use in one of our future shows.

So how much of a Doctor Who fan are you?  Did you just join in 2005 with Number Nine, or were you there in the old days?  Well, what about the really old days?  Back in the days of black and white episodes where the enemies weren’t Daleks or Cybermen, but were Aztecs,. or Romans, or Dinosaurs?  Miss those days?

Yeah, neither do we.

Still, if you’re up for some old school – and I mean actual OLD old school – time travel educational black and white scifi adventures, then Captain Z-Ro is the show for you.  Ok, ok, so this isn’t a “movie” exactly, it’s an episode of a long-running series of these, but hey… any video in a storm, right?  This particular episode features Christopher Columbus, the delightful gentleman who discovered Columbus, Ohio.

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